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Refuge Acupuncture in Lower Highlands, Denver is a healing center specializing in acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbal medicine. By blending these two gentle, effective forms of treatment, Refuge offers relief to patients suffering from acute/chronic pain, stress/anxiety (mental health), women’s health/fertility, sleep/insomnia, and digestive health.

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The Art and Science of Balancing Qi for Self-Healing

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese medical practice of stimulating the body’s energy, or qi, (pronounced chee) to promote healing. For thousands of years, Chinese medical scholars have believed pathways, called meridians, flow through your body. Your energy, qi, flows along these meridians. When that energy becomes out of balance, blocked, or otherwise disrupted, dis-ease results. By placing between 8-10 fine needles into specific points along these pathways, we can redirect the flow of qi to bring it into a state of balance. This gives your body the time and space it needs to heal itself. By working with the body’s natural systems, patients can improve their chances of getting off of or staying off of pharmaceutical medications, avoiding surgery, and experiencing a better quality of life through pain reduction.

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Restore Your Radiance with Facial Acupuncture

As we get older, our skin often doesn’t feel as smooth and supple as it once did. In an effort to get our skin to match the youth we feel inside, many people seek treatments to restore their skin to its former glow. This leads some down the path of plastic surgery, but what if there were an alternative? What if you could get the results you’re looking for without the pain, risk, expense, and permanency of going under the knife? You may want to try going under the needle instead, with facial acupuncture. Working with the same basic principles as non-facial acupuncture, facial acupuncture has an added benefit of improving the skin’s appearance and texture on the face. Recipients of facial acupuncture report improvements in the look and feel of their skin. If you prefer a more natural, less invasive path to beauty, facial acupuncture can help. At Refuge Acupuncture, we work to bring your whole body back into a healthier, more aligned state.

When needed, your practitioner may also use the services below during your appointment.

Dating back over 2,500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced all around the world thanks to its safety and effectiveness. Together with acupuncture, herbs are an important part of holistically caring for yourself. By taking your herbs on an on-going basis, you can continue to promote your body’s healing between treatments. Two types of herbal treatments are offered at Refuge: our pre-packaged month supply of herbs from our partner, Mab and Stoke, or by consulting with our acupuncturists to formulate a custom blend for you. If you are new to herbs, we recommend starting with Mab and Stoke first, then moving into custom blends when needed. At Refuge, we strongly believe in the power of plants to aid in our recovery.

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While it might sound like a form of martial art, Gua Sha is a treatment that involves scraping a flat massage tool across the skin to promote circulation and activate stuck or stagnant energy. It stimulates the soft tissues of your skin and reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles, and improves tissue drainage. Gua Sha massage can be performed on the back, buttocks, legs and arms for general health concerns and on the face to promote a more youthful appearance.

This service is Included as needed in your personalized treatment plan

Cupping therapy is a unique treatment that uses negative pressure to address a wide array of health issues. Cupping pulls tissue instead of compressing it (as you experience in massage) using glass, silicone, bamboo or earthenware cups. Cupping has been used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China, Egypt, and the Middle East. This safe, effective, and comfortable therapy is used by millions around the globe as a powerful way to release toxins from the body and treat stubborn conditions.

This service is Included as needed in your personalized treatment plan
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Moxibustion is a practice performed by acupuncturists to amplify the flow of qi and blood. In a moxibustion treatment, a cone or stick made of the herb mugwort, called a moxa, is burned close to specific meridians or acupuncture points. Mugwort, with its distinct, pungent odor, permeates and stimulates the meridians. Your practitioner may add this treatment on to your acupuncture therapy if you are dealing with certain conditions. Moxibustion offers relief for pain, fatigue, high blood pressure, a variety of women’s issues, and more.

This service is Included as needed in your personalized treatment plan

Using acupuncture points in the ears, auricular therapy can treat the entire body. Various parts of the ear correspond to specific parts of the body, including internal organs. For various conditions, the ear also has empirical points. Several nerve endings are located in the ear, which, when stimulated, can have a powerful effect on the nervous system.

This service is Included as needed in your personalized treatment plan
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