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Our Chinese Herbs:
Continue Your Healing Between Treatments

Dating back over 2,500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced all around the world thanks to its safety and effectiveness. Together with acupuncture, herbs are an important part of holistically caring for yourself. By taking your herbs on an on-going basis, you can continue to promote your body’s healing between treatments. At Refuge, we strongly believe in the power of plants to aid in our recovery.

Two types of herbal treatments are offered at Refuge: our pre-packaged month supply of herbs from our partner, Mab and Stoke, or by consulting with our acupuncturists to formulate a custom blend for you. If you are new to herbs, we recommend starting with Mab and Stoke first, as these herbs are in an easy-to-take tab form you simply stir into liquid. We then recommend moving into custom blends when needed.

Easy-to-Take Herbs

If you’ve ever tasted Chinese medicinal herbs or heard about them, you might not be enthusiastic about giving them a try. However, Refuge Acupuncture has partnered with Mab & Stoke, an herbal company that has solved the taste dilemma, and offers targeted herbal blends in a ready-made, 1 tab per day offering. We use these in tea, water, juices… perfect for your favorite beverage. No herbal consult needed, just pick these up in our clinic retail section.

Custom Blended Herbs to Go

After receiving an herbal medicine consult, you can fill your herbal prescription right here at Refuge Acupuncture. Custom blends will address exactly what your body needs at this time. By taking your herbs on an on-going basis, you can continue to promote your body’s healing between treatments. We recommend adding on an herb consultation to your acupuncture treatment to get the most out of your visit.

Chinese herbal medicine herbs

Tranquil Mind

Clears the mind to create more tranquility within

This practitioner developed formula clears the mind to create more tranquility within. It supports overall wellbeing with remarkable stress relief. Tranquil Mind highlights two Chinese herbs that are excellent for soothing the nervous system. Bupleurum root raises clear Qi to the head and relieves emotional stagnation. Polygala root calms the spirit and sedates the heart. This formula not only enhances your ability to stay calm and focused, but also improves your mind and body’s response to stress.

Use as needed for short term stress relief or daily for long term stress management.

Dissolve 5 grams in hot water and drink. Take during the day to keep stress in check, or in the evening for peaceful sleep. If needed, you may take it three times a day.

Proprietary herbal blend:
Bupleurum root
Polygala root
Chinese skullcap root
Cassia twig
Chinese peony root
Tangerine rind (mature)
Pinellia rhizome (processed)
Poria sclerotium
Trichosanthis fruit
Bitter orange rind (mature)
Codonopsis root
Grassleaf sweetflag rhizome
Chinese dodder seed
Licorice root
Stress support / tranquility / tranquil mind or tranquil shen: clears the mind to create more peace and harmony within
Sleep support / undisturbed / undisturbed sleep: calms and nourishes the mind and body to enhance sleep

Undisturbed Sleep

Calms and nourishes the mind and body to enhance sleep

This practitioner developed formula calms and nourishes the mind and body to enhance restful sleep. It supports healthy sleep cycles by targeting emotional and physical relaxation. Undisturbed Sleep includes sour jujube seeds, Chinese skullcap root, and bupleurum root, which are excellent at promoting relaxation, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. This formula addresses the underlying issues affecting sleep quality to encourage undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Use as needed for short term sleeplessness or daily for long term insomnia.

Dissolve 5 grams in hot water and drink. Take 60 min before bedtime for undisturbed sleep. If insomnia is severe, you may take 10g before bedtime.

Proprietary herbal blend:
Sour jujube seed
Ginseng root
Poria sclerotium
Astragalus root
Buplerum root
Fossilia ossis mastodi (dragon bone)
Oyster shell*
Chinese skullcap root
Jujube fruit
Pinellia rhizome (prepared)
Cassia twig
Longan fruit
Anemarrhena rhizome
Costas Root
Ginger root
Polygala root
Rhubarb root
Sichuan lovage root
Licorice root

*contains shellfish

Painless Cycle

Alleviates discomfort associated with PMS

This practitioner developed formula alleviates cramping and moodiness associated with premenstrual syndrome. It supports painless menstruation by dispersing stagnant blood causing cramping, bloating, and mood swings. Chinese peony root is famous for stopping menstrual pain, regulating the menses, and soothing the nervous system, making it a very popular choice in many gynecological formulas. Angelica root is included to balance estrogen levels and replenish blood flow to ease cramps. This formula supports healthy hormone balance and alleviates common symptoms of PMS.

Begin taking this formula ten days before the start of your cycle. Do not take it during menstruation.

Dissolve 5g in hot water and drink. If PMS symptoms are severe, may take up to three doses per day.

Proprietary herbal blend:
Lindera root
Atractylotis rhizome
Angelica sinensis root
Chinese peony root
Poria sclerotium
Alismatis rhizome
Bupleurum root
Peach seed
Sichuan lovage root
Pms support / peaceful or painless / peaceful or painless cycle: alleviates discomfort associated with pms
Flu/cold support / relief/ cold and flu relief: quick relief of symptoms associated with early stage cold or flu

Cold and Flu Relief

Quick relief of symptoms associated with early stage cold or flu

This practitioner developed formula quickly relieves the symptoms associated with an early stage cold or flu, but can be helpful at any stage. It supports the immune system by helping the body cool heat and clear toxicity. Isatis root and leaf are used for their antiviral properties and ability to clear heat from the body, especially the throat. Magnolia flower and xanthium seed unlock nasal congestion, and fragrant angelica root guides to the nose and increases the formula’s ability to clear the sinuses. Cold and Flu Relief is best for those with early or mild symptoms of a cold or flu, such as sore throat, sinus congestion, dry cough, or headache.

Cold and Flu Relief is not intended for the prevention of colds or flus on a long term basis.

Dissolve 5g in hot water and drink every four hours until symptoms are gone. It is best to start this formula at the beginning of a sore throat, but can be taken at any time while sick.

Proprietary herbal blend:
Isatis root
Isatis leaf
Fragrant angelica root
Magnolia flower bud
Xanthium seed
Japanese honeysuckle flower
Forsythia fruit
Phragmites rhizome
Burdock fruit
Lophatherum stem and leaf
Schizonepeta aerial parts
Kudzu root
Prepared soybean*
Licorice root

*contains soy

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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