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About Us

Refuge Acupuncture:
Helping You Experience Heavenly Healing Here on Earth

Awakening Your Energy for Whole Body Wellness

We believe that everyone deserves to live their best possible life between heaven and earth, so in addition to our therapies we educate patients on how to take an active role in their own healthcare. Our unique method of bringing together acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbal medicine offers patients a more complete, whole-body approach to wellness.

The healers at Refuge Acupuncture understand that your body already has everything it needs to heal itself. You are enough, just as you are. We hold light for healing to help you ignite your personal transformation for long term growth. Through customized treatment that is as unique are you are, we help uncover the root cause of imbalances and direct your energy back into smoothly flowing alignment.

Healing for Your Body and Mind

The benefits of acupuncture are well known but often misunderstood. At Refuge, we de-mystify this form of treatment to help relieve any fear or hesitation our patients may have. By introducing acupuncture therapy in a calm, warm, yet professional healing environment, patients are able to ease into their treatment with a sense of peace and reassurance.

Patients arrive to a warmer, more welcoming environment than you’ll find in most medical clinics. We prefer to have our patients feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after treatment. Nothing about your visit should feel scary, confusing, or awkward. Refuge Acupuncture is ADA compliant and well-suited for patients with mobility issues.

In addition to pain management for both acute and chronic conditions, Refuge takes an intentional focus toward treating depression and anxiety. While not often thought of for treating mental health, acupuncture therapy is an excellent match for healing these conditions in a gentle, drug-free manner.

Refuge also specializes in improving digestive function, a root cause of many ailments. Our acupuncturists can also provide beauty treatments through facial acupuncture, achieving similar results as expensive plastic surgery. These methods are drug-free, require no lengthy healing, and carry lower risk because the results are temporary rather than permanent.

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A Personalized Plan for Your Well Being

Our focus is on your healing. We do this through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). With the use of Chinese herbal medicine, we can help our patients continue to heal between sessions. Our acupuncturists are highly trained with over 40 years experience. After we review your health concerns and create a plan for your healing, you will receive your first treatment session. Following that, our experienced practitioners will provide you with recommendations based on Chinese medicine – an herbal prescription – which can be filled on site.

Acupuncture therapy is all about regulating and improving energy flow. During sessions, patients of acupuncture often experience a sense of expansion. While this may sound mystical to some, it is strongly rooted in science.

Acupuncture addresses the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Our practitioners understand the way energy flows through the body, and provide specialized treatments specific to relieving your unique conditions. By providing eastern methods with a western understanding of physiology, we are conduits for healing for patients of acupuncture in Lower Highlands, Denver.

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Getting Started with Refuge Acupuncture

This blend of east and west flows into our knowledge of the power of herbs. Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, and still survives today because it truly works. The herbs act on the endocrine system, specifically regulating hormonal issues. By receiving your perfect blend of herbs to take with you, you are able to move forward in your healing, even when you’re not at Refuge.

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Refuge Acupuncture
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